The Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists withdrew from membership in World Physiotherapy

As of December 31, 2022, the Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists withdrew from membership in the World Confederation of Physiotherapy – World Physiotherapy. The resolution not to extend the three-year membership of the KIF until 2023 was put to a vote at the meeting of the KRF in November 2022. The resignation was submitted in accordance with the provisions of Article 15.1 of the World Physiotherapy constitution, and its full text can be read below. Below the letter there is also previous e-mail correspondence on this matter.



The Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists also assured World Physiotherapy that it is open to a partnership form of cooperation and remains available as a reliable source of information on physiotherapy in Poland. At the same time, we would like to emphasize that we are working on expanding contacts with other chambers and organizations of physiotherapists in Europe, including: with a chamber in France, Italy or organizations in Germany. Together we share experiences and look for new ideas for cooperation and promotion of the achievements of Polish physiotherapy internationally.

2nd General Meeting has voted for the new president of The Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists (KIF).

On May 27-29, 2022, the 2nd General Meeting of physiotherapists took place, during which delegates from all over Poland elected a new President, as well as members of self-government bodies: the National Council of Physiotherapists, the Audit Committee, the Disciplinary Court, the Higher Disciplinary Court, and the Ombudsman and his deputies.

Tomasz Dybek, PT, PhD became the new president of KIF.

New vice presidents have beed appointed:

  • Hanna Kowalewska, PT, MSc
  • Dominika Batycka – Stachnik, PT, PhD
  • Rafał Trąbka, PT, PhD

World Physiotherapy- Future Network. Call for Network Facilitators

Future Network – a network for physiotherapist students and early career professionals

Are you a student or early-career physiotherapist with energy and enthusiasm to engage with others, interested in making a difference by representing your region, and connecting with the global physiotherapy community?

World Physiotherapy Future Network has an exciting and rewarding opportunity for you as a network facilitator.

The Future Network is for physiotherapy students and early career professionals. The aim of the network is to engage physiotherapist students and early career professionals with World Physiotherapy and their member organisations, encouraging, promoting and facilitating the sharing of ideas and pursuing activities of common interest.

As a network facilitator, you will have a chance to:

  • represent your region on the world stage
  • contribute to discussions in the profession
  • help amplify the voice of physiotherapy students and early career professionals
  • create engaging social media
  • develop your career and contacts with the global physiotherapy profession.

World Physiotherapy Future is seeking facilitators from the following World Physiotherapy regions:

  • North America Caribbean: 1 Facilitator
  • Europe: 1 Facilitator

Send your application via e-mail at: [email protected]

and provide the following supporting documents;

  • A one-page summary detailing how you meet the person’s specification and why you want to take on the position
  • A CV – Maximum length 2 pages

The closing date for this is: 06 April 2022

The information supplied will be stored on KIF and World Physiotherapy systems and used for the purpose stated.

New thematic sections were established. They will initiate cooperation between physiotherapists from Poland and the world.

The ceremony of appointment took place on October 18th, 2021, in the office of the Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists in Warsaw. The ceremony was attended by physiotherapists who take the positions of Chair of new, 8 thematic sections on:

  • Physiotherapy in oncology and palliative care – Janusz Doś, PT, PhD
  • Physiotherapy in Sport – dr hab. Monika Grygorowicz, PT
  • Physiotherapy in Geriatrics –  Marta Podhorecka, PT, PhD
  • Physiotherapy in Urology and Gynecology – Bartłomiej Burzyński, PT, PhD
  • Physiotherapy in Neurology – Joanna Tokarska, PT, MSc
  • Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy – Mariusz Stachowiak, PT, MSc
  • Private Practice in Physiotherapy – prof. Zbigniew Śliwiński, PT
  • Physiotherapy in Occupational Health and Ergonomy- Zbigniew Wroński, PT, PhD.

A nice surprise awaited the participants during the ceremony. Tracy Bury, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, responsible for subgroups and networks at World Physiotherapy, sent a welcome message! The sections created and the topics chosen are related to KIF’s membership in World Physiotherapy. Admitting Polish representatives to global subgroups allow previously assumed goals, both domestic and international to be implemented.

National targets:

  • to associate physiotherapists interested in a given topic,
  • to standardize the work of physiotherapists in specific clinical fields,
  • to create the basis for clinical specializations.

International goals:

  • promotion of Polish physiotherapy,
  • exchange of professional experiences.

The subgroups are important independent organizations. They have a defined area of interest and promote progress in physiotherapy and the exchange of scientific knowledge in their field. It will be a challenging and busy time for appointed representatives to organize the structure and create an action plan for the thematic sections.

After almost two years of a pandemic, which significantly impeded international contacts, establishing subgroups is a great event for us. Thanks to this, we gain even more from membership of World Physiotherapy, and we use the opportunities offered by this international coalition to a large extent,” says Dalia Woźnica from the international department of KIF, a project coordinator.

Check updates related to the subgroups on our social media!

‘Voice of Physiotherapist’- 2nd special edition on the occasion of the World PT Day 2021

Another year is behind us. On the occasion of this year’s World Physiotherapy Day, we have collected for you the interesting stories and activities that we have undertaken over the past months. All the highlights have been captured in ‘Voice of Physiotherapist’, a monthly magazine of the Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists – second special edition in English. Read more.

This term of office is your great international win! – Jonathon Kruger, Chief executive officer of World Physiotherapy summarizes over one year of cooperation with KIF.

At the beginning of 2020, the National Chamber of Physiotherapists became an official member of World Physiotherapy. We have been operating together for over a year. What are your impressions of this collaboration?

It is worth mentioning that although KIF has been officially in the structures of World Physiotherapy since 2020, our cooperation dates back to earlier years. I am very pleased with our common activities. It is always good to work with an organization that is actively involved in the work from the very beginning and at the same time knowing what it wants. It is the ability to use when new opportunities arrive from the world.

From the very beginning, KIF’s international activities were aimed at promoting Polish physiotherapy but also to create the global identity of the profession. 

This is what I appreciate at KIF. Taking care of Polish physiotherapists is understandably a priority, but you also devoted a lot of work to supporting foreign colleagues. Anyway, this is the key mission of World Physiotherapy – to be a global hub connecting physiotherapists from around the world! Due to the pandemic, this traditional, face-to-face communication has become challenging, therefore we have created the possibility of constant online communication.

You mentioned how the pandemic affected World Physiotherapy’s relations. KIF’s membership in World Physiotherapy actually began with the appearance of coronavirus. Was it supportive, having KIF and other member organizations onboard during this difficult time?

The crisis mobilized everyone to act. Paradoxically, although distant due to lockdown, we felt very close as a professional environment. We were connected by the same concerns: the safety of physiotherapists, their participation in the fight against the pandemic, the transition to telehealth, and problems related to education. KIF has been extremely active in each of the above areas. You have produced videos supporting seniors, COVID patients, office workers, which, thanks to your translations into other languages, we were able to provide to other member organizations. You, on the other hand, have been able to use the materials we shared providing Polish physiotherapists by translating them into your mother tongue. Such a partnership means a lot to us.

You are always up to date with the activities of the member organizations. This is impressive considering that World Physiotherapy brings together over 120 countries from all over the world. We summarize KIF’s first four-year term. How do you rate our work?

I can confidently say that KIF is currently a leader in Europe in an innovative and creative approach to the profession. You show the direction to countries that are deeply rooted in the tradition of the so-called old school physiotherapy. A modern social campaign, films distributed all over the world, but also innovative professional regulations. It puts you at the forefront of progress. A Polish physiotherapist was one of the first to gain the rights to vaccinate against COVID – this is a great achievement! It turns out that KIF is not waiting for the rest of the world to create, research and patent something, but to follow its modern development paths. It motivates us all.

Thank you for raising that issue. It means a lot when someone experienced in the international arena like you, notices our success. Our development was occupied by the hard work of many committed people. Fortunately, faith in success and confidence allowed us to find ourselves here. But we don’t stop. How do you see our further cooperation?

Further cooperation will certainly be based on promoting the participation of physiotherapists in the so-called Long COVID. The long-term effects of COVID disease will be a target of health policy for many years to come. We physiotherapists must be seen as the leaders in the rehabilitation of Long COVID. Patients struggling with ailments caused by this disease should recognize that they need physiotherapy. Therefore, the task of World Physiotherapy, with the support of member organizations, will be increased marketing activity about our role in Long COVID rehabilitation on World PT Day in 2021. This may sound like a cold calculation, but for physiotherapists, it’s time to prove their skills and mark their participation in the health sector. This is a chance for the further development of the profession, also for Poland.

Does World Physiotherapy plan to mark KIF’s presence in Europe?

In the European region we focus on the mobility of the profession. Physiotherapy should be a career path that enables equal development in Europe. KIF has raised the level of education from bachelor’s degree to entry-level master’s. The possibility for foreigners to study at universities in Poland increases the standards of work after their return to the country.

Additionally, from the point of view of our organization, it is good to have a strong member who can support less developed countries in terms of physiotherapy. When I think about Polish physiotherapy, I think about being a leader for Eastern European countries. KIF has shown strong leadership. Who would have thought two years ago that the Polish government would support telerehabilitation or vaccinations administered by physiotherapists?

During our membership, we stayed in constant contact. What do you remember as our most important common activity last year?.

Since our face-to-face activities were limited we focused on the exchange of information and support for mutual initiatives. We have collected valuable information, also thanks to KIF, which will now serve as an argument in the health policy of countries recovering from the pandemic toward physiotherapy demands. We recently published a few documents which are an effect of that revision. I am talking about reports on the use of telerehabilitation in the world; the impact of the pandemic on the global physiotherapy market; opinions on the training of future staff, and currently on the psychological impact on the front-line PT workers. For KIF, I think the most important thing is that we appreciated you when handing over the representation of World Physiotherapy during meetings of the WHO FIC group. There are very few countries that gained such credit of trust from our Board within the first year of membership.

As you mentioned earlier, we know how to take advantage of the opportunities that the international partnership has opened up for us :).

Yes and you should be proud of yourselves. Congratulations to your members and Maciek Krawczyk. This term of office is your great international win!

Thank you for your time. Now, let’s go back to our daily duties :).

Dalia Woźnica, PT, PhD
International Cooperation
The Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists