What is the Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists?

The Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists (PChP) is a professional governing organisation associating and representing all physiotherapists in Poland with the right to practice their profession. PChP grants and oversees physiotherapy licences and otherwise acts as the competent authority responsible in Poland for the profession of physiotherapy, which is the profession of public trust. PChP representing over 78 000 physiotherapists, whose amount is constantly increasing, places a priority on patient safety and enhances the development opportunities of physiotherapists.

Only properly licenced physiotherapists entered to the National Registry of Physiotherapists ( will have the right to use the title ‘physiotherapist’ while pursuing their professional practice. Other persons will cease to be physiotherapists from the legal point of view.

Physiotherapy in Poland – facts & numbers:

• Physiotherapy in Poland is a regulated profession
• Physiotherapy in Poland is an independent medical profession
• The licence to practice is being issued after mandatory registration
• Over 77 000 physiotherapists in total
• Average age 38
• 74% physiotherapists are female
• 73% have a master’s degree
• 3rd largest medical profession in Poland
• 3rd largest physiotherapists community in Europe