For the first time in history, a physiotherapist heads the Cardiac Rehabilitation and Exercise Physiology Section of the Polish Society of Cardiology

During the 26th Symposium of the Section of Cardiac Rehabilitation and Exercise Physiology of the Polish Society of Cardiology, which took place on May 11-13, 2023, new authorities of the Section were elected. We are pleased to announce that the president-elect of the Section is physiotherapist prof. Edyta Smolis – Bąk.
The election of a physiotherapist as the chairwoman of the Section of Cardiac Rehabilitation and Exercise Physiology of the Polish Society of Cardiology is a groundbreaking event. Never in the history of the Section has a physiotherapist served as chairman. It is also a sign that physiotherapy is treated as a key, even integral, element of the treatment process for patients with cardiac problems.

This nomination is not only a great honor for me. This is an expression of recognition and appreciation of my scientific work and experience in conducting physiotherapy for patients with circulatory system diseases. I am very happy that many years of cooperation in the medical team, mutual respect and understanding resulted in people trusting me and voting for my candidacy. Being elected president-elect of the Section is a great mobilization and encouragement for me to act. During my term of office, I would like the Section to engage in promoting cardiac rehabilitation by developing recommendations (including new forms of physiotherapy), as well as conducting workshops and training to help physiotherapists, psychologists and doctors in their professional development. – says prof. Edyta Smolis-Bąk.
On May 26, Dr. Tomasz Dybek, president of the KRF, invited prof. Smolis – Bąk to the office of the Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists. During the meeting, he congratulated on being selected for such an honorable function and presented a congratulatory letter with a bouquet of flowers.

I express deep respect and appreciation for your scientific achievements and achievements. I appreciate the fact that you are the first physiotherapist to hold this honorable position. I hope that thanks to your commitment and creativity, the number of physiotherapists interested in cardiac rehabilitation of patients with heart failure and circulatory system failure and after cardiac surgery will increase – wrote Dr. Tomasz Dybek in a letter.