‘Voice of Physiotherapist’- special issue on the occasion of the World PT Day 2020

These are difficult and challenging times for all of us. We are still fighting the COVID-19 and it is not an easy struggle. The pandemic significantly influenced the entire world around us, and thus also our physiotherapeutic field. Fear for yourself, responsibility for patients and concerns about tomorrow. The representatives of our profession, however, coped with these challenges. We changed the organization of work, introduced a new sanitary regime and constantly supported our patients. We are proud that we have built a common front and have not succumbed to difficulties.

This special issue is a record of dozens of actions taken by the crisis team of the Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists from the first days of March this year. You will find a summary of our all activities, guidelines for physiotherapy of COVID-19 patients, recommendations, as well as a number of interesting and inspiring stories of patients and physiotherapists from this difficult period.

We have collected the most important and interesting content, specially translated it into English and are happy to invite you to read!