The Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists among three new WCPT member organizations

From January 1, 2020, the Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists (PChP) will represent Polish physiotherapists in World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT), which brings together over 450 000 physiotherapists around the world.

The candidacy of the PChP was approved by the Executive Board, and then all of the 120 WCPT member organizations voted for its adoption. PChP membership has been accepted by the majority. Organizations from France and Romania will also be new members.

The Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists as a WCPT member organization gains the right to actively participate through its delegates and representatives in all WCPT activities, in particular, to participate in teams and working subgroups. It can participate in the development of regulatory policies and strategies by presenting suggestions at General Meetings and to the Executive Board and the General Director.

PChP can also count on the support of WCPT in striving to improve the situation of physiotherapists in Poland and acquires the right to apply for assistance from WCPT. It has gained the opportunity to cooperate and exchange experience with other countries, as well as support in dialogue with the European Commission or the World Health Organization, whose recommendations and guidelines have an impact on shaping Polish healthcare.

Congratulations to our French and Romanian colleagues who, in parallel with Poland, received positive news about joining the WCPT. As in the case of Poland, until now French physiotherapists were represented by one of the associations. Under the amendment to the WCPT Constitution, in which procedure both chambers did not participate, it was possible to change the organization representing the given country. Pursuant to the provisions of the WCPT Constitution, the country is represented by an organization of the largest number of physiotherapists in a given country.

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