The first group of physiotherapists completed the theoretical part of the training on the administration of vaccinations against COVID-19.

As many as 82.5% of the 1000 physiotherapists whose data were submitted to the Medical Center of Postgraduate Education (CMKP) completed the theoretical part of the training and will be able to continue further training during the practical part. Congratulations!

According to the information provided by the organizer, the training course giving the right to administer vaccinations against COVID-19 lasts at least 10 didactic hours.

The training is a hybrid:

Theoretical module I includes:

  • E-registration system for vaccine administration;
  • Qualification for vaccinations and vaccination activities binding legal regulations in the medical professions
  • Questionnaire for the initial screening interview before vaccinating an adult against COVID-19 with a discussion of the current indications and contraindications for the administration of the vaccine against COVID 19

Theoretical module II includes:

  • Sudden cardiac arrest in an outpatient setting. Algorithm of basic resuscitation procedures
  • Methods of clearing the airways
  • Rules of conduct in selected acute life-threatening conditions (with particular emphasis on anaphylactic shock)
  • The technique of performing intramuscular injections


A positive result of the test determines the admission to the implementation of the practical training module.

The practical module is conducted in the medical simulation centers of Medical Universities and CMKP. By the end of March 2021, the Ministry of Health will provide a list of medical simulation centers where the practical part of the course will be implemented.

The practical module includes:

  • Recognizing a patient in a life-threatening condition.
  • Basic methods of monitoring vital functions in outpatient care.
  • Unblocking the respiratory tract. Patient ventilation in a life-threatening condition.
  • Basic life support, including AED.
  • Methods of collecting and dissolving various types of vaccines and their administration to the patient.
  • Learning to perform intramuscular injections on phantoms – 20 injections.

After completing both parts of the course, the data of participants who have also passed the practical module will be forwarded to the CMKP.