Polish scientist and physiotherapist recognized internationally

We are proud to announce that Dr. Sebastian Rutkowski, a physiotherapist from Opole, received a prestigious distinction at a congress in Canada. Dr. Rutkowski’s scientific activity focuses on the use of virtual reality in rehabilitation. He is the author of 25 publications in this area (including systematic reviews, meta-analyses and articles with original research), he was the head of 7 grants, and he also developed his scientific career during two postdoctoral internships in Italy. His work was appreciated at an international forum, during the International Society for Virutal Rehabilitation (ISVR) congress, which took place on July 23-25, 2023 in Montreal (event website: ).

At the congress, scientists distinguished in the development of this therapeutic approach were awarded. Professor Mindy Levin received an award for her entire activity over 25 years of research, and Dr. Naomi Gefen and Dr. Rutkowski received the ISVR Early Career Investigator Award. This prestigious distinction is awarded to emerging scientists who have achieved outstanding results in the field of virtual reality-supported rehabilitation. The winner was invited to receive the award in person and give a lecture during the event. Link to competition results:

The Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists supported the winner’s participation in the ISVR congress, in accordance with the decision of the Thematic Team for Science, which recommended granting funding for this purpose.

We sincerely congratulate the winner on receiving such an important and prestigious distinction, and wish him further success in his professional and scientific work, both domestically and internationally!