‘Physiotherapy moves’ – a social campaign promoting physiotherapy. Third video!

Maria is the hero of the third video in the social campaign invented by the Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists. Find out how Łukasz, a physiotherapist, brought back her activity and joy of life. Watch the video!

The third video presented as part of the ‘Physiotherapy moves’ campaign shows the story of Maria, who after being in the hospital (hip fracture) cannot come back to full activity. Fortunately, she meets Łukasz on her way, who successfully helps her to get back to activity. Important is the fact that Maria, although at the beginning she was skeptical about rehabilitation, she performs exercises as part of the therapy, repeating the exercises at home that her physiotherapist has recommended.

This is the last edition of the campaign that promotes physiotherapy. This time we are showing an elderly patient. A physiotherapist Marcin Wikszemski played the role of Łukasz.

The director of the campaign is Bartosz Kruhlik – and this is what he told us after the shooting:

‘At the beginning, when I got an offer to create a concept and later to direct films about physiotherapists, I was a bit scared. This is a rather unusual topic. I was afraid that the emphasis on showing correctly performed exercises will make them more instructional films than short stories filled with emotions, on which I cared about. However, during subsequent meetings with Chamber’s experts, we developed a story model that simultaneously focuses on characters and their emotions, and shows the work of physiotherapists in a non-invasive way. This is probably the first example in my portfolio when the compromise between the creators’ ambitions and the customer ended up with such a good end result’.

The range of our campaign is constantly growing – according to the latest statistics, more than 700 000 Internet users have been in contact with the ‘Physiotherapy moves’ campaign.

We encourage you share the videos on your profiles. Together, we will increase the reach of the campaign and get to even more patients with the message. Let physiotherapy move as many people as possible!

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