‚Voice of Physiotherapist’- special issue on the occasion of the World PT Day 2020

2020 will definitely go down in history: COVID-19 changed our lives. It was and is a very difficult period for all health professionals, including physiotherapists. Our struggles have been captured in 'Voice of Physiotherapist', a monthly magazine of the Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists. We want to share with you the results of our work from the last few months in this special, English edition.

A prerequisite for legally practicing as a physiotherapist in Poland is being registered in the National Registry of Physiotherapists.

You can check whether your physiotherapist has the right to practice –>
PChP encourages the competent authorities responsible for verifying information about physiotherapist to contact PChP every time they have any doubts while verifying the provided information or want to receive up-to-date data directly from the National Registry of Physiotherapists. The relevant email address for these queries is

Physiotherapy in Poland – facts

  • Physiotherapy in Poland is a regulated profession
  • Physiotherapy in Poland is an independent medical profession
  • The licence to practice is being issued after mandatory registration
  • Over 68 000 physiotherapists in Poland
  • Average age 36
  • 65% have a master’s degree
  • 3rd largest medical profession in Poland
  • 4th largest physiotherapists community in Europe

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